David Webber, PRM/DOM

David has been involved in Aircraft Maintenance and Aerospace Manufacturing for over 30 years.  David most recently had been  working for an Aerial Survey Company maintaining a fleet of single and twin engine aircraft in remote locations around North America.  

David  brings his leadership and skills to OAL, and looks forward to earning your business.

John Webber, President

John has been involved with aircraft maintenance in the Maritime Provinces since the 1960's.  John worked on the Spruce Bud Worm spraying project back in the early 1970's as well as serving as the maintenance provider to the flying clubs and flight schools operating from CFB Shearwater from the 1970's through to the early 2000's.

  John also had a distinguished career in the Canadian Armed Forces. 

Luke Rosborou​gh, AME / Production Manager

Luke's Bio will be added soo​n

Bruce Page, Engine and Rotary Wing Specialist 

Bruce started his aviation carrier back in 1970's at Fundy Aero Engine. Bruce works part time for OAL and serves as a Reciprocating Engine  and Rotary Wing specialist. Bruce's numerous years of experience as an engine builder and a Rotary Wing Technician as well as many years experience as a  Director Of Maintenance for several Engine Overhaul Shops makes him a valuable resource of skill and knowledge.

Gary Doiron, Engineer   M1, Structures Technician

Gary has work along side John since the start of OAL. Gary has been involved in aircraft maintenance since the 1970's Gary has worked for Lockheed Martin, IMP Aerospace and many more. Gary also was an Instructor at the NSCC for the Aircraft Structures coarse.  Gary skills are a valuable resource for OAL

Josh Girard Aircraft Technician

Josh's Bio will be added soon

Sebastian Martell A​ME A​pprentice

Sebastia​n's Bio will be added soon